Pros and Cons of a Beach Wedding

Some women dream of walking down a carpeted aisle, flanked by pews full of family and friends, in a traditional church setting. Others prefer the idea of exotic island breezes and their toes in the sand as they say “I do.” But before you eschew the church for the beach, perhaps you should stop to ponder your choice.

While there are certainly a lot of reasons to opt for a beautiful outdoor wedding, you should consider some of the potential drawbacks. In truth, you need to look at all angles in order to make an informed decision. So here are just a few of the pros and cons associated with planning a beach wedding.


1. Scenic natural backdrop. You’re going to end up with some gorgeous photos, for one thing. And who can resist the allure of waves crashing in the background as if they were put there to accentuate your special day?

2. Warm weather. After a long, cold winter, the thought of warm breezes and the sun on your face while you pledge your life to the man you love probably sounds like perfection.

3. Smaller guest list. If you’re struggling with a rapidly-growing guest list, a destination wedding should clear up your problem pretty quickly. Many people will not be able to travel and some simply won’t care to.

4. Relaxed vibe. There’s something inherently calming about the atmosphere of a beach setting. So let your hair down, don an ethereal dress that catches in the breeze, keep your makeup light, and walk barefoot to your groom. Less stress awaits you with a beach wedding.

5. Built-in honeymoon. Good news! You don’t have to travel immediately after your nuptials when you opt to have the honeymoon at the same location as your wedding.


1. Permits. Check local ordinance to see if a permit is required. Add in the looky-loos strolling around, messing up your photos, and stealing from the buffet, and you might end up rethinking your strategy.

2. Potential weather problems. Whenever you have an outdoor wedding you risk getting rained out. You can always arrange for tents on the beach to prepare for this possibility, but do you really want to be out in a storm on your wedding day?

3. Family and friends may not travel. Sure, you wanted a smaller guest list, but that doesn’t mean you planned to leave out your Granny. You should be aware that any destination wedding will necessarily exclude some people that you probably want there (along with those you don’t).

4. Sand is dirty. If you had your heart set on a long train, you’re going to have to cut it short for a beach wedding (unless you want it black by the end of the day).

5. Expense. There could be significant additional expense associated with a beach wedding. Aside from travel, you’re going to have to have chairs, tents, and so on carted oceanside, not to mention food, flowers, and everything else that most reception halls already have on hand. And what about electricity? In short, it could end up costing you a lot more to have your wedding on a beach.

Author: Sarah Danielson